Dunoon Red Heartstrings Mug: The Unique Birthday Gifts Idea for Her

Let me give you a short overview of Dunoon Red Heartstrings Mug As a birthday Gifts

The Dunoon Mug is a very suitable mug for. It is very charming to look at. There are many designs available on it. It is made by fine bone china.
In the year of 1982,  the factory of Dunoon was started with new designs and high quality of Mug, teapots Which is unique birthday gifts for her . These mugs have a unique shape as well as they are updated.  Fine bone china clay is used for the making of this mug. This clay found from Cornwall,   South West in England.

This clay contains 50% animal bone which makes the mug white brightness and makes it strong. In Stone Staffordshire, this Dunoon company has opened. The Gordon’s company ruled the Dunoon policy of working. They hired many good designers who shaped the mugs with unique design, numerous ranges and updated the quality of mugs which are perfect gifts for her birthday .

This Dunoon business was begun with thrived family. They manufactured the highest quality mugs in 1974.On that time the company was ruled by the two executives of Stafford Potteries and Gordon Smith and Bill Garvey. Both of these men were committed to make the high ranger as well as quality full and attractive stoneware mugs which fulfilled the customer choice.
In Argyll, Scotland the company was selected their area of production. After managing Industrial and Commercial finance corporation and The development board of Island, Highland, the Dunoon company selected their factory area in Scotland and they thought it was the ideal place for making the factory. So this is how Dunoon company Ltd was born.

The company joined in a trade fair named Highland Trade Fair in Scotland with 72 beautiful and unique designed mugs. It was the starting of selling their mugs through worldwide. The order started to flow in after joining that fair and started selling their product. The production has begun with a new thought of unique design.
The company has started to hire their craftsmen. All craftsmen are highly qualified and skilled. Dunoon’s main key is controlling their quality. The philosophy of this company is the highest quality and well unique designed mugs which are made of Fine bone china.  The company is always looked for the customer demand, as they wanted the unique designed and new shape mugs and the company fulfilled their customers demand since it was born.

Dunoon selected their craftsmen among local people and many of the workers have worked for the company for many years. The all craftsmen are well trained and skillful.
They made the products with the greatest care.

Why will we choose Dunoon Red Heartstrings Mug for Girlfriend on Birthday?

1) The dimension of the product is 3.1”(l)*3.1”(w)*3.1”(h)
2) The company name is Dunoon Company Ltd.
3) Product main equipment is Fine Bone China.
4) There is ceramic stoneware.
5) Initial time is 1080C and final time is 826C
6) Litho is applied with squeegee when it was printed.
7)Price of this mug is $29.20 only which is very suitable for the user.

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