Bluesmart One: Best Unique Anniversary Gift Idea for Girlfriend

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According to Cambridge Dictionary, a luggage bag is the bags, suitcases, etc. that contain our necessary goods  during any traveling.  So luggage has a great importance in our life. Sometimes we visit many places. On Anniversary occasion a luggage bag is a best gifts item for girlfriend.
So we can see easily a luggage plays a very important part in our daily life which is a perfect gift idea for girlfriend. So it is a must to have a luggage that is stronger, effective, waterproof as well as many modern facilities so that our travel is more enjoyable.

Let me give you a short overview of Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage

BlueSmart has brought up a new luggage on that occasion.
It is one of the very fast smart languages that has been introduced towards the world. The smart technologies have made this BlueSmart luggage to be a unique one.
So let’s have a look what attributes really make the BlueSmart Luggage a superb one.

The dimension of the BlueSmart luggage is 22″ x 14″ x 9″. It has a total storage capacity of 34Litre which is huge. The model number of this product is 1. The wheels of this smart luggage are designed for using it any road.

Shipping weight of this Smart luggage is 12.1 pounds. Amazon Standard Identification Number of the product is B00X5OUC1U. Universal Product Code of BlueSmart luggage is 638317954114. It is a new product on the market. Its releasing date is 10th December 2015.This product has a rank of 255 in the Launchpad section of Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

Why chose Bluesmart One – Smart Luggage?

This smart luggage can be charged easily. There is a battery with 2 USB charging port can charge this luggage up to 6 times.

Tracking: One of the most outstanding attributes of BlueSmart luggage is its tracking capacity.
This luggage has 3G and  GPS tracking system by which it can be tracked anywhere in the world.

Lock option:  There is a remote control to control the luggage. Anyone can easily lock or unlock the luggage with the help of it. It also provides the user highest security of the product.

Perdurable: The luggage is made of polycarbonate to make it   Water-resistant

This smart luggage can a  connected with the smartphone without any wire which is not seen before. There is a charging dork along with two USB ports will help the buyer to charge it six times. There is also a built-in SIM card by which the user can have the idea of his luggage location without any cost. There is also a system to make it automatically lock if the user gets far away of the luggage.

The battery of the luggage is 10000 mAh which contains a charge for a huge period of time. One of the wondering attributes of the BlueSmart luggage is it can determine the weight of its automatically if the user holds its handle only for 15 seconds.

There is also a built-in digital clock system of this luggage. This luggage is being designed to give the additional protection to the user’s laptop or other electrical devices. In the pocket, there is a charging port too.

Now let’s come to the price of this smart and stylish product. It is obvious that someone can easily predict that such technological luggage may cost a huge price.
But it is a matter of wonder that such an outstanding product costs only $449 which is very cheap. So we should grab it as early as possible without no longer wasting our valuable time.

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