Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame: Best Gifts Idea for Weeding

best gift idea for weeding

If you’re thinking of giving a nice memorable present to your close person’s wedding then this Ecolo sterling silver frame is the best choice for you. It is an opportunity to congratulate the new couple for beginning their new life. So you want the best gift to give them as a gift. The main part of giving wedding gifts is that make sure the gift is Awesome. There will be so many gifts in the wedding ceremony and you want to make sure your gift stands out the best gifts between all the gifts of the ceremony. So choosing Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame is the right choice for you which is wedding unique gifts. I will give you some overview of the Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame. This will help you a lot to choose the frame as a wedding gift.

Let see the overview of the Ecolo Sterling Silver Frame As a Weeding Gifts 

Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame is an Italians frame. This is a modern style frame. This product is made by hand in a small shop in Florence and Venice. As Italy people work with tools and materials from many generations that’s why the Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame stand out the best Frame in the world. It is made with 92.5% Italian Silver, Finished-wood backs have tab closures. The frame wrapped in flannel and come along with a beautiful box. This is a must give a gift for weddings.

You can also use this Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame for anniversaries, birthday or friendship days. The main reason is to select this Frame is it will complement and enhance the beauty of your photograph. Eccolo is a family owned business based in Brooklyn, NY. This frame is like 25-karat of gold. This is one of the master pieces in Frame industry. Now look at some of the features of Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame.

Let see the features of the Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame

  1. Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame has dimensions of 6X8X1 inches. The weight of the product is 12 ounces.
  2. The Frame is handmade with 92.5% Sterling Silver.
  3. It has a smooth frame with beading detail on the inside edge.
  4. It has polished wood back with tab closures.
  5. It can display vertically or horizontally.
  6. It has a signature gift box wrapped in flannel.
  7. The Shipping weight of the frame is 15 ounces.


So if you are looking for a wedding gift then this is the perfect gift for giving in the wedding ceremony as well as in the anniversary or in the occasional parties. Weddings are a fabulous time for the bride and groom. So you should give a romantic as well as an inspiring gift so that they can remember the thing a long time. Eccolo Sterling Silver Frame is giving you the feeling of this thing. This may be the coolest item for the wedding couple. I think they will love it. It has all the features that make the frame not only best also accepted by all the people.

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