Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Travel Bag: Christmas Gorgeous Gifts Item for Best Friend

Traveler Best Friend Gifts Idea

Ibagbar is a kind of traveling bag best gifts for traveler. It is known as a travelling bag, multi-use pack backpacks, handbag, messenger bag etc. It is very popular and important for every traveler. This bag is founded in 80’s and 90’s. For our easy-going lifestyle, traveling we use this bag. This bag is totally made of leather which is Christmas Best Gifts idea for best Friend.  Ibagbar’s mission is to made our travel enjoyable, comfortable as well as made our travel happy.

Let me give you a short overview of this Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Travel Bag

This pack is made with 10% PU leather & 90% cotton. This bag has two views 1) Classic
2) Fashionable.
The measurement of this bag is 13” (L)*20”(h)*9”(w).
We can fix a 15” laptop in the normal size bag and the bigger size can carry 17”.  The other thing is its capacity which is 30 liter.

We can use this bag in many ways such as a suitcase, duffle bag, handbag or a briefcase. We can use it as a duffle bag, suitcase briefcase when traveling. A hidden compartment makes this bag as a backpack, rucksack by two durable straps.  The structure of this bag is different than any other normal bag.

This bag has 1 main zip along with 2 front zippers,  a side pocket, and a laptop compartment. The backpack can be easily turned by a detachable shoulder into a messenger bag, cross body bag, shoulder bag etc.

Warranty: The bag company has provided the warranty for 1 year.

Cleaning / Washing: If we want to wash this bag we need to avoid hot water. We can use clean and normal water. The temperature might be room temperature. For drying it we can hang it.

Why will we choose this Ibagbar Canvas Backpack Travel Bag?

1) This bag has made of cotton and lather.
2) It looks so classy and fashionable
3) It is Easy to carry and makes our travel comfortable.

4) The front zipper can hold iPod and other heavy gears and the small zipper which is called as small pocket can carry wallet, charger, glasses etc small gears.

This superb quality bag which is using for working, traveling, hiking, school and our everyday using.

Weight: The weight of this bag is 2.5 pound and shipping weight is 3.2 pounds which are very easy to carry.
Types of Color: Gray, Black, Blue and mix color.
Price: The price of this bag is depended on its color and variety. The ideal price is
As we describe quality, features, types, color, usage, price etc about this Ibagbar, we get some idea about this bag. Now we can buy this bag without any confusion, enjoy our travel and our daily works with Ibagbar .

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