Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag: Girlfriend New Year’s Best Gifts Idea


Now a day laptop bag is one of the most popular gazettes in our society. When we buy a laptop the main thing is to keep it secure and to use it comfortably.  This is why the bag carrying the laptop must be very friendly for its user also the best gift item for girlfriend new years gifts.

Let me give you an short overview of Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag

The color of this product is Black. The black color of this product makes it more gorgeous in front of anyone’s view.

Let’s now talk about the dimension of this product which is better for New Years Girlfriend Best Gifts . The width, height of this product is 15’’ and 11’’ respectively. There is a handle on the top as well as adjustable shoulder strap. Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag is a padded interior for someone’s laptop. The person who wants to provide his laptop a good protection this product is a must. He can easily carry this product as the arrangement of the product is quite planned.

There are also two multi-functioned additional pockets where any user of this product can keep other tools as well. This product is also used for some casual use. It makes the user looking charmed as the bag is very suitable for fashion.

Why we will choose Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag

One of the unique attributes of this product is that the bag contains an interiorized pocket for the laptop where an user can keep his laptop without any tension. It is made with soft cotton that keep the chamber soft for any outside interference. During travel to any long distance Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag is a good choice to use as it gives the most protection to the laptop of the user’s.
This product is very stylish. This is the product that can be used for many functions like carrying The weight of this product is 2.3 pounds which are very easy to carry.  Shipping weight of this product is also 2.3 pounds. This product is in the women department. The main manufacturer of this product is KATE SPADE.

Amazon Standard Identification Number of this product is B00B65VKV6. The model number of this product is WKRU1657. This product is sold by some of the popular sites like LuxeOutletMall and Fulfilled by Amazon.

Now let’s talk about the price of Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag.
Someone can think this multi-functional laptop bag is very costly. It is a matter of surprise that the users that they can easily grab this product paying only $274.75.

The Kate Spade Tanner Wellesley Laptop Crossbody Bag can be also suggested for gifting any person. If someone really wants to present his/her parents, siblings or beloved friends this product is a very good choice.

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