LYD-FL-GY01 10W Daylight White Motion Sensor: Best Unique Gifts for Husband Birthday

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Sometimes, people like to carry light for photography, sometimes for other things to do. A floodlight can have use of many purposes as the people want it. Because a production use of purpose totally depends on the hand or the type of the person you are. To consider this, you can easily choose LYD-FL-GY01 10W Daylight White Motion Sensor& Waterproof Flood Light as anyone’s birthday party gift, or any kinds of successful or event party gift as well.

This kind of flood light is not only for as a gift, it is a necessary item to some kind of people. So, take an overview of it, and really think about that, this kind of item can be a perfect gift choice gift for your husband in birthday.


Let me give a short overview of LYD-FL-GY01 10W Daylight White Motion Sensor for husband birthday.

This flood light has some unique and best features, which makes it more attractive. Like, this flood light has a sensitive detector with Passive Infrared (PIR). This detector can help anyone to work as motion detector which is being used on to the sense of movements of objects like people, animals, or other things. The entire system is being automatically activated with the help of power lighting systems.

On the other hand, it has low consumption power also. Like, when you are going to get compared to some kind of traditional halogen lamps, which is much cost reflective thing, while the LYD-FL-GY01 10W Daylight White Motion Sensor& Waterproof Flood Light is being to save up to 70% electricity cost. This is really an effective thing.

Besides, it has a waterproof design thing named IP65. This is an ideal thing for indoor and outdoor use purpose also.

Compare to other flood light, this flood light has been a little bit brighter. Because, here the company warming use high-quality chips and other things as well, which ensures the more brightness and durability than other normal chips too.

Besides, a customer can get 18 months of warranty and also friendly customer services while he or she needed just only buy a 10W daylight white LED. This is also really a great birthday gift item for your Husband gifts.


Why choose LYD-FL-GY01 10W Daylight White Motion Sensor & Waterproof Flood Light for Husband Birthday?

The most important reason to choose this Daylight White LED because it has a good waterproof system. Which is really an indeed matter in low budget Daylight White LED. Besides, there are three adjustments on it:

  • It is very easy to you when you just set it as a dusk to dawn thing or just a motion detection matter.
  • Here is also an awesome feature the timer, where you set time from 5 seconds to 8 minutes.
  • Besides all of these, you can adjust the actual sensitivity of the motion detector features as well.

So why still confuse to collect it for your beloved one’s gift item on your cart. Let’s add it.

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