Recycled Classic Vinyl Record Decor Bowl: Beautiful Birthday Gifts Idea for Him

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Unique birthday gifts let’s have an overview of Recycled Classic Vinyl Record Decor Bowl

Record bowl:  It is a superb thing of molding.  We can make reuse it as an outdated item like as a vinyl record. In recent times a vinyl record bowl is so popular for using household work. Through it, we can mold a vinyl record into a decorative bowl.

There are many versions of this bowl, but basically, two versions are following
1)The classical style
2)Newer One.
The record requires a little heat to melt for reshaping. The new shape is a vinyl record. First, we have to set our oven for 200F/100C and then the record is tossing in the oven and wait for few minutes. When it completely warmed up we can give any shape like a fruit roll-up, vase etc.
The 2nd method is, by including the record in boiled water or we can heat up it by heat gun. The vinyl record bowls are very easy to make. The equipment is very easy to get and not so expensive. Decor bowl is a very charming birthday gift ideas for him. One can make it by his/her own.

It’s a very easy way to make record décor bowl which best gift for him. A record bowl is a very necessary household product. We can store our fruits in it. Then one can use it as a flower vase, pen-pencil holder, showpiece etc.
At first, we need a record(Old or new), A tall mug or glass bowl or drinking glass but all these should be Heat-proof. The measure of the equipment minimum 15cm. It needs 5-10 minutes for bowling. The temperature must be on 100-120C
An oven is a must for melting, but we can melt it by heat gun etc.

Why choose Recycled Classic Vinyl Record Decor Bowl as a birthday gifts for him?

As it is a wonderful thing we can give this thing as a gift for upcoming Christmas to our ladies, girlfriends, wives or mothers, sisters. We don’t need to order or purchase it.

We can make it by you. When our lady will hear it that we made that by you then she will become very happy 100% sure. So why are we waiting for!
We don’t need to spend a lot of money for it. The cost is not more than 28$. We just give a price of an old record to make it up. As we don’t need the high temperature so you can skip the tension about an extra current bill.
The décor vinyl record bowl is the very necessary thing for our daily life. An old record is needed to make a vinyl record so it is very easy to make and we do not need to give any extra cost for making it. It is also the time saver and easy to make.

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