HP Portable Photo Printer: Christmas day Best Memorable Gifts for Him

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Sometimes we like to print our most precious moment instantly. But this becomes the sometimes terrible thing to print any kind photos instantly. Because for instant printing we need to have a device. Most devices are not portable but there is less few branded item on it. So, for considering all of these HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer come up with an instant and reliable solution which is perfect gifts item for Him Gifts.

This is not only a solution for own self. You can get this portable instant photo printing device for him Christmas gifts. Definitely the person you are going to give a gift, he or she will like it most. You know, everybody does like to save the precious moment not only the inside the smartphone storage, but also in the physical album book.


HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is a Fascinating Christmas gifts item for Him 

Sometimes we are going print some awesome moment and give that photo to our dearest one. But through your smartphone does a lot of things but printing on the smartphone is not so much easier. For making all of these easy and give a relaxing breath to print your favorite social media photos just simply connect your social media account and going to download free HP Sprocket App and you can ready for printing instantly your favorite social photos with some colorful prints. At the end, you really love it, like it and obviously live it within it.

The device HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer uses some kind of seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Which can easily set up with your device in any parties as well as events also? For this, your favorite moments can easily print from your smartphone with some smart taps. So, this device fills the gap of a social on the go portable printer.

This device is totally a fun-loving thing. And also, a creative thing. Because with the HP Sprocket app you can easily customize your photos and also can make an important and nice edit before printing. Besides, editing tool, you also get to add some fun text, borders, emojis and something more that really amazing. Add some kind of pop personality you can easily snapshot and add a sticker on your photo that really makes yourself unique than others.

This device is really lightweight and light dimension also. It is only 4.93 inches x 2.95 inches x 0.87 inches in dimension and only some of ounces in weight. So, it is easy can fit into any bag and make instant snapshots anywhere you are. This device can create 2 inches x 3 inches’ sticker able snapshots whenever the moment strikes.

It is so much sample to use, just connect the sprocket photo printer with your mobile phone device via Bluetooth and download the free and easy to use HP Sprocket App and enjoy the fun-loving portable printing thing.


Why choose HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer for men on any special occasions?

You can easily load your paper for instant printing of your favorite photos. Get started right away with it with the help of the HP Sprocket photo printer, which comes with a ten sheet of a pack of photo paper. Just simply open the top of the printer and drop the paper on it and going to start printing.

For getting the best result just use the original HP Zink sticky backed photo paper, this kind of paper specially design for the device and also ensure the bright and glossy photo with great vibrant colors on every time you are going to print.

Add this to your gift cart now. Definitely, you will love it, live it and print it.

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