Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband Watch: Birthday Smart Gifts Idea for Sister

birthday gifts for sister

In recent times a wristband is a medium of fashion. It is also a source of the aristocracy.
We can do a bunch of things with the help of it. The wristband helps us in many ways. It not only tells us the time but also performs lots of tasks that can be performed by other Android devices. A watch bracelet is a good choice for this purpose. It can improve user’s personality as well as it will create an extra source of charming inside him which is better birthday gifts for Your sister.

Let’s give you a short overview of EFO-S BLACK K5 Wireless Activity and Sleep Monitor Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband Watch Bracelet

This wrist watch bracelet has been brought up by EFOS. It is fulfilled by Amazon.
The color of this watch is blue which is a color of royal and fashion.
This is a watch that supports IOS and android system
IOS phones support the blue tooth.
An Android system has an Android version more than 4.3.
It supports iPhone, IPAD, iTouch 5 as well.
Not only above products, this item supports other devices from apple too.

The main brand EFOSHM is the USA registered.

This device can compute devour of the total calorie as well as it can also record the daily burn up calorie. It can also record as well as track stages properly. For proper work, we need to download the application inside the smartphone. After installing we need to connect the watch and the smartphone with the help of the application. After the compliment, the smartwatch will be synced.
Amazon Standard Identity Number of this product is B013GD98ZU. Under the section of Sports and outdoors, Amazon bestseller ranking of this product is 5425th. This wrist watch has 2.9 stars out of 5 stars on the average customer review.

Why we will choose this EFO-S BLACK K5 Wireless Activity and Sleep Monitor Pedometer Smart Fitness Tracker Wristband Watch Bracelet

It is a call remainder device that will help the user to know who called him.
There is another property of this product is an alarm clock. It will wake the user when he wishes for.
This device can work as a remainder of sedentary. It will also help us to take exercise during our leisure time or the time we don’t have anything to do.
There is a health software which can detect how long the user slept.
It works as a sleep monitor. It can also count the time.
A great property called pedometer is seen on this nice device. It is pedometer which can let us know how many steps we have passed so far.  It is a good monitor for our body.
Message leftover:
It is a product that can help us by notifying the message alerts. We can also see the number of messages that have been sent through our device as well as we can also see the number of messages we have received from other numbers. For this purpose, we need to only a simple thing.

We need to just install SMARTZERONER for this function. It is a product that has the attribute of sleep mode. The watch will be in sleep mode if we press the button for 2 times vibration. This will also save the power. By doing the same thing we can also close the sleep mode.

There is no doubt about the multi-functionality of this nice wristwatch. A thing to notice that the price of this watch is not very high. The EFOSHM company has set a price of only $19.99 for the purpose of the user. We don’t need to waste any time rather than buy this watch. We can also gift this watch as a birthday present to our beloved ones.
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