Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope:Birthday An Amazing Smart Rope for Girlfriend


What you think? Girls are not like sporting or jumping or TO and FRO thing? If don’t believe than you are totally wrong. They really love to jump. They like to play jumping onto the rope thing on their early ages. It is really fun playing game for them.

Days are changed. Now each and everything is going to be digital. People like this type of digitalization. Behind all of these, the fun playing jumping games has been changed also. People, specially girls are using now smart rope instead of normal jute rope or nylon rope thing.

If you are really going to get a gift for any kind of upcoming occasion or celebration for a girl, or your girlfriend, or sister in law whatever else but obviously teen ages then smart rope will be a good choice for you.


Let me give you a short overview of Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope.

This smart rope is really some good features which are being attracted by any sports loving girl. So, now we go through some special features of Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope.

Range of sizes to fit everyone!

The range size of the smart rope can be fitted to everyone. So, any age any size of people can play with it. Besides, the evolution is really classic who loves rope jumping as a game or as an exercise. So, that person can have his or her best cardio work out any place, anywhere and anytime also without any extra hassle.

There is a digital count system which makes it more attractive than normal rope. So, your jumping track easily count by it. Also, it can count your calories burned thing, and also suggest you to take a break on the training mood thing.

This smart rope can sync your gym activity via mobile platform system. This application can support both on Android, iOS, Apple watch thing. Also, supported on the Pebble Time Round Smart watch also. It also provides the monitor progress and the progress your competition with your friends.


Why choose Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope as gift for your girlfriend?

Like animpartial device, Smart Rope creates a fun, addictive fitness practice that retains you going. Balancing with company’s own Smart Gym mobile platform, you’ll stay interested as you train with the company’s recommended breakassemblies, unlock awards, and compete with your friends.

So, the Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope is a complete solution for the girls who like to play jumping for fun or exercise. This smart rope comes in three different colors black, gold and chrome. So, add your favorite color on your cart for your girl. Definitely she will love it. let try it.

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