Victsing Shower Speaker: A Smart Birthday Gifts for Him Who Loves Music

birthday gifts for him

Let’s have an overview of VicTsing Shower Speaker as a gifts for him how loves music

Now a day the most common technical music system people belongs to is VicTsing Shower Speaker. The overall design of this product is too impressive. It is designed keeping the idea of the user’s purpose. A hook that is made of metal makes this product more beautiful so that any user can hang it anywhere. This wireless speaker is made up so finely that make it more unique.
There is a nice case which is made up of silicon that makes it harder. The body of this speaker is waterproof so that it is safe during hard & rush weather. The body is also made with dust and electric shock free. The VicTsing Shower Speaker supports A2DP speaker which is hardly seen in other devices which is birthday gift for him . The sound quality of the speaker is very crystal clear with high definition range.

There is also an opportunity for the music lovers because  VicTsing Shower Speaker has a built-in MIC Bluetooth option as well as some hand free functions which are perfect gifts for him.
Someone who is an emergency or is not able to talk over the phone like driving the car, in the bathroom, in an important meeting or these type of situation can easily use this speaker by just pairing it with the phone he is using. So it is another important attribute that makes it more attractive to the eye of its user.

There are four colors provided by the manufacturer company.

Those are
2.Army Green

The wireless VicTsing Shower Speaker is also attached to a battery that is rechargeable. It can play any music up to 6 to 7 hours without any break having a volume up to 70 to 80 %.
Amazon Standard Identification Number of this product is B00R1D3Z10. Customer rating of this product is al 4259. The main power source of this product is its battery. The well-known company VIC Tsing Direct is the company that manufactures this product.

Why will we choose gifts VicTsing Shower Speaker for him on birthday?

One very important attribute of this product is it can be used in any devices that have a Bluetooth option like iPod, Mobile phone, laptops, Pc’s, MAC books, Tablets and much more.

Charging time: 3 hours. Playback time: 4-6 hours. Bluetooth 3.0. Battery: 3.7V/500 MAH. Frequency Response: 120Hz-22 KHz. Connection range: up to 30 feet

Things that will be provided:

User manual 1 pc. Mini Speaker 1pc.USB cable 1pc.Camping Hook 1pc.Suction cup 1pc
The weight of Vic Tsing Shower Speaker is only 3.2 ounces which can be easily carried.
The price of this wireless speaker is also very reasonable for the customers. A customer will have to pay only $25 to buy this enormous product.
Like all other well-known products this VicTsing Shower Speaker also provides warranty option.  For any abuse of the product, the manufacturing company will return the paid money by the customer. In addition, Users will also get a 12-month guarantee for this product without any hesitation.

The size of this VicTsing Shower Speaker is also very simple for its user.
Height, Length& breadth of this product is 2.2 inches, 5 inches, and 4.8 inches respectively.
Before someone opens it he must be conscious of doing the following things. He must uncover the pack very carefully. Then he must read the whole user manual. The user manual provides him the information briefly about the use of the product. One of the most important thing he must ensure that he had already charged the product for at least.

6 hours. This is a very common thing we forget to do.  We also must be concern that overcharge also causes the destruction of the battery. If the device is turned on and it is not used for at least 15 minutes, it will be shut down automatically.

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