WakaWaka Base: Best Christmas Gifts Idea for Man Who loves Travelling

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Have you ever been found anyone who doesn’t love traveling? Yes, almost all of the people like to travel different places, like to gather knowledge from different country and also from different locations. But when you think about traveling, the most common problem we faced is electricity. Sometimes, it needs extreme to on your mobile phone to talk important something with someone important on travel. But, you don’t have charge on your mobile phone. Sometimes, it seems to capture some special moments on your camera but no charge on the battery, to avoid certain circumstances, this WakaWaka Base 10 device is the best solution. Because, it is a portable thing which runs on solar power which is perfect gifts idea for men-women in Christmas day  . So, your extra anxiety on traveling will be faded out when you got this device.

Not only from travel, sometimes, it seems that, on any important meeting or something, we need to make a call but the mobile battery is out of charge. On that case, the WakaWaka Base 10 helps people a lot.

A traveler Best Gift  Let me give you a short overview of wakawaka Base 10.

The handy tech thing, the WakaWaka Base 10 is really a next step of tech world evolution of portable solar system which is perfect for traveler gifts item. It is the ultimate compact solar power bank system for anyone who are going to roaming outside without any power of their electrical devices. It is a very powerful portable solar system. A single day in the sun, this device will charge up to 3 smartphones at once or the other hand it provides up to 240 hours of light without any break.

Besides of these, the additional features make the power system more secure like a plug and play option. The user just simply plug into the sun or charge from an AC outlet. It takes to complete the full battery charges after 6 to 12 hours in the sun via which you can charges up to 3 USB powered devices at once. It takes approximately 2 hours to charge a smartphone and the 10,000-mA capacity battery can charge on an average smartphone up to 4x.


Why choose wakawaka base 10 as best in christmas day gifts in for who loves traveling?

Basically, who love to travel or moves around the different places, for them this is a very popular and a necessary thing for them. Because of this, you don’t need to additional thing to charge up your smart devices with other electrical sources. The total process is on the natural way. Besides, there are also several reasons for choosing WakaWaka Base 10. Like,

  • foldable Solar Power Board
  • 10,000mAh portable battery — charges up to 3 USB devices at a time
  • Batterypowered rechargeable flashlight
  • USBpowered flashlight (must be plugged in to power up)
  • bag
  • micro-USB charging cables

So, why you still waiting for something more amazing whereas a most modernizes portable solar chargeable devices is near to you. Add this on your shopping cart for your next travel plan.

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