Womens Faux Leather Wrap around Obi Style Waist Band Belt: New Job Gifts Idea for Sister

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Let me give you a short overview of Women’s Faux Leather Wrap Around Obi Style Waist Band Belt

Today we will discuss women belt. This is a stylish belt which is used for men, women, and children. Now we are talking about women Faux Leather Wrap Around Obi-style waist Band Belt. This belt is such a wonderful belt that carries women fashion which is new job best gifts for sister. This belt is used for covering the gown. It is a designed belt. This fashion came from Japan. At the beginning of the 17th century, both women and men wore a ribbon obi.

By the 1680s, the width of women’s obi had already doubled from its original size. In the 1730s women’s obi were about 25 centimeters (9.8 in) wide and at the turn of the 19th century were as wide as 30 centimeters (12 in). At that time, separate ribbons and cords were already necessary to hold the obi in place. The men’s obi was at its widest in the 1730s, at about 16 centimeters (6.3 in). A woman’s obi is worn in a fancy musubi knot. There are ten ways to tie an obi, and different knots are suited to different occasions and different kimono. There are many different types of women’s obi, and the usage of them is regulated by many unwritten rules, not unlike those that concern the kimono itself. There are Darari obi, Fukuro obi, Fukuro Nagoya obi, Hoso obi, Hara-awase obi, Heko obi, Hitoe obi, Nagoya obi, Odori obi, Sakiori obi, Tsuke obi. Certain types of obi are used with certain types of kimono.

This product Size in 1-3cm size difference is in normal range due to manual measurement. The color of this product may have a little different due to lights, screens, etc. The product Package is included: 1X waist belt. This Product’s Dimensions are 10 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches. The Shipping Weight of this product is 4 ounces that are easy to carry.  Amazon Standard Identity Number of this product is B01MF4THSH. The first date available for this product at Amazon.com: October 10, 2016. In the section of Clothing Amazon Best Sellers Ranking of this product is 10,244.

Why we should choose Womens Faux Leather Wrap Around Obi Style Waist Band Belt for new job sister gifts

There is an obi of married and unmarried women are tied in different ways. Often the obi adjusts the formality and fanciness of the whole kimono outfit: the same kimono can be worn in very different situations depending on what kind of obi is worn with it. Our Wraparound Obi Style Waist Band Belt is made of leather. This wonderful lovely product sold by the colorful house.
This such as beautiful product is fulfilled by best international marketplace at Amazon. Our product is Faux Leather. The length of this product is 72cm/28″. This product is without string and the string from each end in 80cm long. It is an Embroider lace detailed product. This product holds the Obi-style belt. At the end of every product with long strings to wrapped and tied at the waist. This product highlight slim waist and this is a good and an attractive way.
We should wash this product with hand and wash this product separately.

This is such as wonderful Obi belt which is made by Faux Leather.The actual price of this product is $15.99.But we always think about our customer that price will easeful for the customer. This type of thing we have sold this product at $10.48 with $5.51(34%) discount.

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